Magnet safety instructions

  • When separating the magnets the easiest way is  to slide them between two fingers.

  • Keep the small magnets away from young children who might swallow them. Do not allow your children to play with magnets. Contact your pediatrician or nearest emergency department immediately if you suspect your child has swallowed or been injured by a magnet.

  • Some people have an allergic reaction when they come into contact with nickel.

  • People who have a heart pacemaker should not use strong magnets. IZZA Fashion is not responsible for any health issues due to using the magnets.

  • The magnets are strong and attract each other or other metals. Be careful in using them to avoid small injuries.

  • You should keep these magnets away from electronic equipment, computer discs, bank and credit cards, and other media and data carrier.

  • We are not aware of any other positive or negative health effects from handling magnets. While there are numerous anecdotal claims promoting the health benefits of permanent magnets, we are not aware of any scientific studies that correlate static magnetic fields with the cause or cure of human diseases.

IZZA Fashion takes no responsibility or liability for any damage or harm caused by the use of these magnets. By buying a IZZA scarf with magnet, you declare that you have read and accepted the safety-instructions and manual of the magnets.