Vivienne Purple

Vivianne Purple

Enjoy the distinct elegance of Vivienne, the casual abaya which makes you feel at home away from home.

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Luxurious High Quality Fabrics

We pride ourselves in only using high quality fabrics. Our abayas are carefully handmade by our highly skilled seamstresses and finished to the greatest perfection. The easy-fit, wrinkle-free fabrics do not constrain your movement, provide an adequate coverage and also allow you to go out in style.

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Mix & Match your mood

Whatever you do, wherever you go, Vivienne will suit your style and is a pleasure to wear. Combines easily with any jacket, scarf or bag.

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Your Style, Ready for you!

We've put a lot of love and attention towards even the smallest details of our Abaya models. In fact, we put so much care and perfection into making our abayas that we can only produce small collections every few months. Being exclusive and highly sought after, our dresses are rapidly selling out. So make sure to order your abaya while you can!

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