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IZZA is an exclusive fashion brand for the modern Muslim woman. We pride ourselves on using only high quality fabrics and we give a lot of love and attention to the design of our clothes, down to even the smallest details. All our abayas are made in ateliers in Amsterdam and elsewhere in Europe by highly skilled seamstresses.

In fact, we put so much care and perfection into making our abayas that we can only produce a small collection every few months. This means that our abayas are not cheap, but bear in mind that when you buy one of these highly desirable dresses, you are purchasing a very exclusive item of the highest quality.

We use luxurious fabrics that do not constrain your movement and provide adequate coverage, yet still allow you to go out in style. We make sure that all our abayas are non-transparent as well as suitable for ablution, while some of them also allow for breast feeding.

Please don't be offended by the high heels and makeup in our photos – they are only used to showcase our abayas and do not reflect our views on what is hijab fashion.

IZZA, designers of exclusive and respectable fashion